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When you first started...
Did it look something like this?
  • "I want to work hard but not 100+ hours / week!" 
    Instead, calling yourself a workaholic isn't just the norm... it's an understatement.
  • "I want to sell my products and feel good about it!" 
    Instead, the stress can sometimes be overwhelming... the ups and downs of working a farm, the toll it takes on your family, and on and on.
  • "I care for the environment and want to bring change to my community!" 
    Instead, you're focused on keeping your head above the water. So you've had to resort to spending your time, money and resources on keeping the income flowing.
Hey, we get it...
When we first started...
We were probably a lot like you...

We NEVER thought we would be able to pay all the bills. And we struggled with producing crops, finding the right workers, and marketing to the right customers.

And then something happened...
But it didn't happen all at once...
First, We RESEARCHED Everything
We read every business book we could get our hands on.
We studied sales methodologies outside our industry.
We learned marketing from the best of the best.
We spent THOUSANDS of dollars on farming tips & tricks.
Next, We TESTED Everything
And do you know what happened?
Well, the results have been nothing short of BREATHTAKING...
  • Our farm and the farms we helped became highly profitable and we've been able to invest in things we never thought possible (like expensive tractor toys).
  • Our products became the envy of chefs all over, so much so that they're coming to us, instead of the other way around. (Our referral business is booming!)
  • Reccuring revenue became a large part of our business, money we could count on each month rolling in and paying the bills, with out the stress of constantly having to market (a cash flywheel which keeps on turning).
  • We gained back more time than we ever thought or dreamed possible, time to spend with family, friends, and on causes we care about.
  • We were able to focus on making an impact in our communities and the world.
Then We SHARED Our Insights with Even More Farmers
And here's what happened...
Stories like this...
And farmers transformed in ways unique to them...
"Just knowing that you're out there as a resource is great. We feel like 'you have our back.' And it's nice to know that you've been on the front lines doing what we're trying to do."
- Jim Schultz, Red Shirt Farm
"The U has been a great place to get good, quick answers."
- Joshua Guess
"Michael has been a great sounding board for a variety of questions and always provides good answers and resources which I know I can trust."
- Sam
"Having a forum of small producers who address each others challenges is helpful and encouraging. Knowing all of it is closely overseen by Michael who has the experience to cut to the core of the situation is vital to our operation. Thank you for taking us to the next level in our market gardening endeavor."
- Natalie Howell
Now we want to share those insights with you...
What if YOU Could Double Your Profits This Year And Knock 10+ Hours Off Your Workweek?
We've done it. Our clients have too. Why not you?
Are you ready to see how?
The First Farm Resource Exclusively Built for Small Farms Looking to Free Up More Time and Grow More Profitable
Here are
Small Farm U is built on the foundation of the R.I.P.E.N. Roadmap, created by In The Field Consultants over the last 15 years!

(...and the painful lessons learned and solved, so you can skip a few of the hard knocks...)

The R.I.P.E.N. Roadmap for Small Farms Is About One Thing: Freedom.

Everything about Small Farm U was engineered to streamline the already long, hard process of farming.

The doors are only open for a few days (Closing Friday, March 23rd @ 11:59pm). 

When you join , you'll not only get a say in the specific training we continue to build out over the coming months, but you'll also lock in your rate for as long as you're a subscriber. You can cancel at any time. 

As always, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions. - Michael K
Here's what you get with
Monthly Deliverables
  • Hotseats (Week 1)
    Once a month we sit down one-on-one and help our members achieve breakthroughs for their most important questions, almost like a mini-consulting session. Other members jump in and brainstorm as well, giving great ideas and tips. its a fun learning experience that is always a member favorite.
  • Mastermind Calls (Week 2)
    Every month we have experts from different areas of the industry join us to share their knowledge and help us fast-track to success. We always have a great time, interacting and asking questions during these webinar style calls.
  • Q&A Sessions (Week 3)
    Imagine taking your specific hang-ups to people who can offer some real insight.  Calls allow you to submit any question for us to answer in a live, video call where we can give you feedback, and point out specific resources that will help you find clarity. If you can’t make the live, you can always access the replays at any time.
  • Expert Trainings (Week 4)
    Wish you had even more insight from yet another successful small farm pro? Or tips and tricks on how to market and sell your products from a marketing expert? We're partnering with Ray Tyler (Rose Creek Farms) and Erika Tebbins (Marketing Strategist) to help you grow your profits fast. Learn more about who they are and what they bring to the table (see below)!
Actionable Resources
  • Mini Courses
    Want to know more about winter growing? Setting up your washing shed for success with actual client designs and reports?  How about installing farm tech? We have trainings on all sorts of topics.
  • "Done for You" Guides 
    Need an employee Manual? Or a detailed, crop by crop harvest manual? What about a Food Safety plan? Farm SOP’s? We share completed manuals that we have used or created for clients that you can easily use as a template and adapt to help train your team! 
  • The SFU Resource Guide 
    Drawing on our 15 years of experience in the industry and daily interaction with farmers all across the US, we’ve built an impressive resource directory that’s sure to help you find what you need, cheaper and faster. Looking for the best places to get silage tarps?  What about a greens bagging table that is GAP approved?  What about those hard to find soil amendments and quality soil mix? All there and more!
  • Private Facebook Community
    The private Facebook group is a place where you can introduce yourself, connect with an exclusive network of farmers from around the country, get feedback, ask questions, and celebrate your victories. We also post Q&A sessions and announce new content there as it is made available.
Wait, did we mention...
Ray Tyler, Rose Creek Farms
Ray farms in year round in central Tennessee in challenging weather and sales environment. He has quickly build a highly profitable, low-stress farm which allows him to spend quality time with his family and host educational events. They focus their marketing on chefs, grocery, and innovative retail systems. Ray will provide a new training each month sharing the key principles, tools, products, and systems that he is using to be a successful farmer in a challenging growing environment. 
Erika Tebbens, Marketing Strategy
With over 20 years of sales experience, having run everything from a small farm to a multimillion dollar store, Erika makes selling simple and fun. She’ll provide a new training each month around the topic of marketing and sales with actionable steps that will help you sell more without expensive systems, confusing technology, or lowering your prices. You will learn to love selling because of what you get out of it: revenue, satisfaction, and community. 
What's All This Worth to You?
To put it another way...

What do you need right now to get you "over the hump" so you can focus on growing your profits fast?

Or, to put it this way...
What Would It Cost You to Hire a "Farming Superhero"?
Here's what it costs to work with us directly: $250/hour

Now, we don't know what the rate is where you are right now...

So, what do YOU think it would take to get over that hump?

How many hours? How much per hour?

Can you come up with a rough amount in your mind?

I mean, think about it for a sec... How many thousands of dollars would it cost you?

Okay, do you have that number in your mind?

If so, answer this for yourself...
What Would It Cost You if You Did NOTHING?
The truth is...

Nothing would change.

And that's just it...

No, your life won't tailspin out of control.

Your farm?

It'll probably still be there.

(After all, you've been working WAY too much, and you'll probably continue to do so.)

And your peace of mind?

Well, it'll stay like it is, which is... where exactly?


If you aren't satisfied with where you're at, then keep reading because this is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your farm, your business, and your sanity this year...
No matter what stage you're in, there's a plan for your farm.
  • Comprehensive core RIPEN Method training 
  • Exclusive Mini-Courses
  • Private Access to Real-Time Help in Our Facebook Group
  • Submit your most difficult questions each week to our experienced team.
  • BONUS: The Small Farm U Planner Calc (The same calculator we use when farm planning for our one-on-one clients)
  • BONUS: 8 years of Our Personal Farm Plans (Yours to Use as Templates)
  • Access to all core training, mini courses, and resources for as long as your account is active.
$57 to join (one-time fee)

$27 / month
No fee to join!

$97 every 3 months
No fee to join!

$257 / year
Or do you need the next level?
  • Strategy Video Call with Michael each month ($175 value) that is recorded and added to your account.
  • Get personal access to Michael through Voxer. Let me answer your questions and get you back on track.
  • Application only (4 slots left), click the link below to fill it out.
"In 24 hours, I knew that I was going to be farming differently that I had been in the last 10 years."
- Peter Rasmussen, Independent Small Farmer, Utah, USA
See How Ray Is Turning Insight Into Action
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